Private Taxi Rates

Below you can find the Rome Taxi Rates for the most common car rental with driver routes in Rome. Transfer to and from the airports of Rome Ciampino (CIA) and Fiumicino (FCO) from Rome. Routes to and from other areas of Rome and various points of interest.

To quickly get a quote for a personalized route, contact the Staff. Guaranteed response within minutes.

PATH1 – 3 PAX4 – 6 PAX7 – 8 PAX
Fiumicino FCO ⇆ Rome Center€ 50€ 60€ 75
Fiumicino FCO ⇆ Ciampino CIA€ 50€ 60€ 70
Fiumicino FCO ⇆ Civitavecchia€ 120€ 140€ 160
Fiumicino FCO ⇆ Castelli Romani€ 70€ 80€ 85
Ciampino CIA ⇆ Rome Center€ 45€ 60€ 65
Rome Center ⇆ Civitavecchia€ 130€ 150€ 170
Rome Center ⇆ Castel Romano Outlet€ 55€ 65€ 75

Hourly dispositions

Request a car for the time you need at the best taxi rates in Rome. Below is a table with the rates for hourly arrangements offered by Roma by Car.

4 hours (50km included)€ 140€ 180€ 240
8 hours (120km included)€ 280€ 360€ 480
12 hours (150km included)€ 420€ 540€ 720
Extra hours€ 35€ 45€ 60
Km Extra€ 0.90€ 1.00€ 1.20
  • All rates are inclusive of  VAT 10%
  • Night rate:  for transfers made  after 10pm and before 6.30am , a 20% surcharge  will be applied 
  • Holidays:  On holidays, a  50% surcharge will be applied

The rental service with driver that our company makes available to all its customers is the best you can have on the Italian territory to move in total freedom, safety, extreme comfort and great class. Every day many people make use of it, appreciating its convenience and saving money thanks to the excellent  Rome taxi rates . If you need to move without the hassle of parking, you have to go to the airport, you have to return from the airport to home or to work, or you are visiting tourists or businessmen who often travel for work, our service it is absolutely unrivaled. Thanks to professional drivers and absolutely avant-garde cars, the  Rome NCC Rates services they guarantee you absolute punctuality on every occasion, the most modern comforts thanks to high-end cars and the pleasure of being transported in cars equipped with all the most modern technological innovations.

Private taxi rates Rome Fiumicino

Living in a multi-linguistic society, the staff and drivers we employ are fluent in multiple languages ​​and speak excellent English, this is because we want our customers to always feel as if they are at home and do not feel the slightest discomfort. The drivers of our  Rome taxi rates service  know well that your time is precious and for this reason you can blindly count on our punctuality. Our first concern, in fact, is to let us be in the place of the appointment perfectly on time so that you can always feel safe.

Taxi rates Rome Civitavecchia

Our  NCC Rome Rates service  is also highly appreciated for the advice we are able to give to our customers: it happens that many people ask us for information on a good hotel, restaurants, itineraries to visit, theaters, clubs, cinemas. and much more. Well, know that if you have no idea how to get around the city and where to go to sleep, relax or have fun, our drivers will always know how to advise you for the best. By doing so we hope to make your stay easier and more practical from the point of view of travel.

Private taxi rates Rome Ciampino

NCC Rates Rome  is however able to offer multiple services that go beyond the simple accompaniment from one place to another, in fact we are at your complete disposal also for the organization of weddings,  shopping tours , transfer meetings and drivers for your family members while you are busy for work. We are in fact equipped with all the necessary permits to access and park inside the no-traffic areas and we can take you wherever you want quickly and without any problem. We also remind you that  NCC Rates Rome is an extremely serious company that cares a lot about its image, therefore, makes available to all customers exclusively branded cars and vans, luxury vehicles equipped with air conditioning, GPS, air conditioning and every comfort that modern technology makes available for four wheels.

Taxi Rates Rome to Termini

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that all cars are regularly subjected to strict checks that ensure their suitability for circulation and that guarantee you maximum safety on the road. In order to use the services of  NCC Rates Rome simply get in touch with us by calling the phone number that you can easily find by visiting our website. Being a serious, competitive and absolutely first choice service, we are always able to reach you where you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. In light of the above, by choosing us you can finally say goodbye to the exhausting queues at the airport exit, or to sensational delays to reach it. Wherever you need to go, our drivers will wait for you at the set time and will always be happy to accompany you where you need them with graceful courtesy and the utmost discretion.

Taxi rates Rome 45 Euro

Trust us as thousands of people have already done, let us accompany you wherever you need without stress and extremely quickly, choose the specialists of  NCC Rates Rome , and we are absolutely certain that once you have dealt with us, you will not you will no longer be able to do without our fantastic services.
Your best ally on more than one occasion By relying on the services of  NCC Rates Rome , you can be really  sure that you have  trusted the real professionals in the sector, people who excel not only in the transport of canonical people, but who are also leaders in many other services. to the public.

Rome Chauffeur Service

Although in fact we have become famous above all for the taxi service from the airports to the major cities of Italy and vice versa, our company can really offer much more. Whether it is a business trip, a pleasure trip, a relaxing holiday or a visit due to an urgent need. You can always count on our drivers. NCC Rates Rome , for example, can be your very valid ally in the event of a wedding.

Private taxi rates Rome Civitavecchia

The men of  NCC Rates Roma  know perfectly well how important it is to guarantee their customers a first choice transport, safe, quiet and offering all the comforts that others cannot give you. Precisely for these reasons we make available to our customers a whole series of cars and vans of the highest level. Each vehicle is equipped with all the technology necessary to make the journey always pleasant. Furthermore, all our vehicles are constantly subjected to routine checks to ensure maximum safety when traveling on the road. What has been said so far  are not fairy tales , but the reality of things. NCC Rates Rome always guarantees you the best and does it at a cost that is always absolutely competitive.

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